How To Succeed

Dr. Belk discusses how to focalize on words, phrases or verses of Torah while reading the weekly parsha. This CD can assist the “youngest” Baal Shuva or Spiritualist in focalization. Dr. Belk causes you to stop, to think and to consider. Learn how to get more from your Torah experience… study. The examples on this CD help to expand and make Torah learning more enjoyable.

How To Succeed!

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

1.) Introduction – How to Succeed {time: 3:39}
General information regarding the study of Tehillim and a brief comparison of the Torah of Hashem to the five books of Tehillim. This is why we say Psalms with an “s”.

2.) What Happens When We Continue To Repeat The Same Mistakes? {time: 15:37}
Are women included in the study of Torah and in the study of Tehillim?? Understanding how the historical perspective has changed some. My Momma, the dedicated Bible Student. Learn the importance of not repeating the same mistakes

3.) Do Not Stand – Do Not Sit – Do Not Scorn! {time: 6:38}
Every Jew and Spiritualist is cautioned not to be haughty. We focus more on Spiritual scorning – G-d forbid! Scorning is an extremely serious issue of potential error that each of us must be careful of.

4.) Blessed Is The One Who Studies Torah Am & Pm {time: 8:34}
Dovid HaMelech {King David} identifies the Torah as the specific books… as the only books to study… for those desiring to be successful.

5.) Rut Huggers And Transplants {time: 14:43}
What is a rut hugger? Are rut huggers good or are they evil?. Who are the transplants? Where did they come from?

6.) Splitting The Waters {time: 8:56}
When one studies the Torah of Hashem Am and Pm the waters split. The waters of Torah split. The Torah waters that enter the student of Torah exit MUCH GREATER…

7.) Reviewing The Points That Lead To Success {time: 7:41}
We review nine points… We specifically review nine potential steps that one can observe to be successful!

8.) Enter The Season Of Learning Torah! {time: 5:19}
Fruit is only available during the season of fruit. What is the season in which one can benefit from Torah Study?

This is a very good CD .. Our intention is to make this an affordable blessing to anyone desiring to learn Hebrew. However in so doing we will not accept returns.