Dr. Akiva G. Belk
Shalom! Welcome!

The founding of B’nai Noach Torah Institute is intended to help fill several needs among Jews and the Spiritualist / Noachide communities.

I began teaching a Weekly Parsha and a Gematria class on the internet in 1999 as the cofounder of Jewishpath.org. After awhile it was clear that we needed to develop a Noachide site to teach the Seven Noaich Commandments and to answer Spiritualist questions. So in 2001 my wife Naomi Leah and I established 7commands.com. We began with one class which has expanded several times.

After teaching on Jewishpath.org and 7commands.com I began to realize that there is a great need for Spiritualist / Noachide teachers. Communities that desire to establish a B’nai Noach Congregation need a source to draw congregational leaders from.

Realizing this I discussed the formation of a learning institute with Naomi Leah and a few close friends.

It is our desire:

– to offer courses for students desiring a Spiritualist education

– to assist in the development and growth of Jews returning to Yiddishkeit

– to provide a quality religious institute for the training of Spiritualist Teachers

– to provide a quality education with training for individuals desiring to become…

— Spiritualist / B’nai Noach Congregation Leaders
— Spiritualist / B’nai Noach Teachers
— Spiritualist / B’nai Noach Teachers in B’nai Noach Torah Institute

– to offer recognition to dedicated classmates for completing various levels of study

Now we want to be completely upfront with everyone visiting B’nai Noach Torah Institute. We are not accredited. However this does not mean that we do not offer a quality education. This means that the credits we issue for courses completed may or may not be transferable to another university, college or religious school.

As an institute our central goal is to teach Spirituality and to make quality Spiritualist education available throughout the world. We welcome other Jews interested in learning and assisting Spiritualists to join with us in our weekly Parsha and Gematria courses plus any other course that will help accomplish these goals and usher in the Messianic Age.

Presently we do not offer any degrees. That is not the purpose of the education offered. As we progress we will offer certificates of completion to classmates who complete our program.

We will do what we can to assist our accomplished graduates after graduation from BNTI in:

– Spiritualist internet teaching
– Founding B’nai Noach Congregations
– In a support role at BNTI
– In a support role for established Spiritualist / B’nai Noach congregations throughout the world

We invite those who identify with our purpose to sign up for course work at BNTI.

Blessings and Peace,